Our story

At Baxet we are an international team of experts across the field of engineering and smartphone accessories, passioned about useful and innovative items of design.

This new Company founded in 2017 by an entrepreneur and visionary inventor, was created to fulfil a gap in the global ‘Smart-phone Smart-home & Smart-life‘ market. Everything started with a dream, that became true thanks to the perseverance and the belief that a good idea, if not well-developed, is like if it had never existed.


The Future has arrived, and it is continually evolving. The digital age has speeded up both the technological ideas and the path of the latter to reach the final users. This path is called online. Baxet wants to be a guarantee, for those who buy, that what they buy reflects their expectations. It suggests those products and smartphone accessories that help to improve and/or simplify daily living in close contact with mobile phone technology and more.

The easiness of buying online is a double-edged sword: sometimes we’re attracted by a particularly advantageous price and we make a purchase, which is then disappointed for its low quality level or simply because we had waited longer then expected, eventually understanding that we made a rushed choice. Baxet aims to highlight those innovative objects that a technology-minded person cannot miss to improve everyday life and tests its quality carefully at an affordable price for all budgets. Baxet is also a Forum, as well as a Community not to say a LIFESTYLE.